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Le Théâtre des répétitions


» Xavier Le Roy

Location: Francia

Artistic and technical sheet:

Director, Choreography, scenic Concept: Xavier Le Roy
Music director: Johannes Kalitzke
Costumes: Christine Rebet
Light: Andreas Fuchs
Sounddesign: Peter Böhm
Dramaturgy: Wolfgang Reiter
Coproduction: Opéra National de Paris and Steirischer Herbst Graz (Graz 2003 – Cultural Capital of Europe)

Premiere date: 2003


The title of Bernhard Lang’s first full-length music theatre, a quotation of Gilles Deleuze, not only heralds the constitutive principle of the composition, but also hints at the content of the production that evolves to be highly topical: a possible history of cruelty. The three tales take a look at European absolutism, reporting on the political dream of a free, human world that was to become a reality with the foundation of the USA and end with the return to the point of departure, to Europe, to times when the old continent is caught up again in its nightmares from which, once again, it had to be saved by its dream come true – America, that is about to become embroiled itself in the spiral of violence.

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