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EREHWON PROJECT Workshop (Concepto)

Año de Inicio: 2017
Año de Fin: 0000




Beatriz Cantinho. Mariza Dima | TALLER EREHWON

JUEVES 9 MARZO | 11.00 – 17.00 | Espacio TALLER Matadero, Madrid





Erehwon is an on-going research project that is being developed through an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers in Aesthetics, Performance studies and Interaction Design. The central part of the Erehwon is the construction of a digital platform, a visual cartography and an archive, that intends to be a connecting hub for the people who are involved in sociopolitical interventions on the public space.

The platform is being co-designed with interventionists through a series of ongoing workshops with different thematic. We have run workshops in Belgrade (European Alternatives – Beyond Fragments Festival), Lisbon (Triennial of Arquitecture), London (Queen Mary University) and Berlin (Rosa Luxemburg – Mapping colonialism Group), in areas such as user interface design, data visualisation, security, and privacy.

Erehwon project was created through the observation of the spread of the contestation movements across the globe, and particularly within Europe. We studied over a long period of time the format and content of the sociopolitical interventions, their cross-contamination, transformation and displacement across territories and the assertion of their potential as ‘experimental labs’ for envisioning new and fairer societies, through the creation of new models of direct democratic practices.

The majority of these interventions had the tendency to either rapidly disappear or go unnoticed by the general public, losing momentum, because they were being silenced by state powers and mass media. Equally, they are often rendered obsolete through the rapidly shifting priorities that characterizes communication through social networks, which are normally their channels of dissemination. The Erehwon platform aims at empowering these movements and interventions by foregrounding them on a digital commons, before they become invisible and forgotten.

By gathering past and current interventions across territories the platform seeks to contribute to their resilience over time beyond physical constraints, and to create sustainable forms of collaboration and mutual support. It can also be a powerful tool for shaping memory through time, and mirror communities back to themselves giving them the necessary tools for analysis and thinking through the different strategies and modes of intervention.

We envisage that the Erehwon platform will provide the possibility for a sharable utopian territory of resistance, a ‘experimental laboratory’ where the multiple interventions interconnect and create new or resurrected narratives for the commons, empowering the involved communities for effective societal change.

For further information on Erehwon project:

Beatriz Cantinho

Post-doc Fellow at ARTEA program, Body and Democracy, Castilla-La-Mancha University/Reina Sophia, Madrid. Research fellow at CIAC- University of Algarve. Invited Lecture at University of Évora, Theatre Department (Movement and Composition 2013/16). PhD in Dance and Philosophy at Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh University. Visiting Scholar at N.Y.U/TISCH (2010/2011), performance and cinema departments. Internship in Noh Theatre at Kyoto Art Centre (JP) and at Royal de Luxe theatre company (FR). Beatriz has been developing professional work as a choreographer for the last seventeen years (“Parde2”, “Scch…um ensaio sobre o silêncio”, “Singularity”). In the recent years her work has been mostly developed in collaboration with other artists, where movement plays a fundamental role within interdisciplinary composition between the visual arts, performance, sound and cinema. (C. Spencer Yeah, Ricardo Jacinto, Vangelis Lymporidis, Shiori Usui, HerwigTurk, Valério Romão). Her individual and collective creations have been presented in Portugal (CCB, MNAC, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian), France (Guillotine gallery), U.K (SARC, DanceBase, Blue Elephante Theatre), Germany (Festival Transmedial 07, TESLA) and Austria (MAK, UNIKUM). Her academic research has been presented at Edinburgh University, Chelsea College of Art, Cambridge University, Surrey University (UK) and Bilgi University (TR).

Mariza Dima

Mariza Dima is a London-based interaction designer, post-doc researcher at Creative Works London (Capturing London’s Audiences cluster) and Queen Mary University. Her work focuses on the design and development of interactions using tangible, mobile, and haptic interfaces in socio cultural contexts, prominently in performance art, theatre, and cultural heritage. She has a particular interest in collaborative and participatory design processes in which technology is creatively applied, on which she has done extensive research through practice-based projects. Her broader interests include political philosophy, theory of media and culture, performance studies, and design for societal transformation. She is currently researching design-led strategies for audience engagement in the creative industries, transdisciplinary collaborations within co-design processes, and the structure of network collaborations, within London’s visual arts, museums, and performing arts sectors working with organisations such as Tate and the V&A. She has worked in a hybrid role between academia and industry since her doctoral studies, which has greatly informed her holistic understanding of both fields and enabled her to work comfortably in both environments. She has presented research, and organised workshops in major international conferences in the areas of Design and Human-Computer Interaction, and was recently awarded the Golden Paper Award in HCI 2014 International.

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