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Touchstone. On the Postdramatic Theater

Author: Ramos, Luiz Fernando

Year of Publication: 2006

Date of Web publication: 17/09/2009

Bibliographical references:

Humanities Magazine, University of Brasilia, number 52, November 2006, pages 27-34, ISSN 010-9479.


The concept of post-dramatic theater has galvanized the interest of researchers and artists in contemporary theater as a kind of promising encounter, which would resolve the epistemological problems facing the theater as an aesthetic research and defuse the anxiety in the current creative processes . The intention is to recognize the undeniable impact that the book by Hans-Thies Lehmann has had on recent theoretical practices, and the creative principles in the theater and the contemporary scene, discussing the desirability of insisting on the value of this concept and problematize their usefulness as a supplier of concept.

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