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In defense of the artist as manager, nomad and hunter-gatherer

Author: Correa, Nieves

Year of Publication: 1998

Date of Web publication: 16/11/2009

Bibliographical references:

Magazine Fuera de Banda num. 5, Autumn 1998


The American anthropologist Marshall Sahlins studied the economics of the peoples that still live on hunting and gathering, as did 20,000 years ago. He clearly demonstrated in his book Stone Age, Age of Abundance that both the "primitive" hunter-gatherer like the current tribes  that maintain this "anti-economic" system, invest three or four hours a day to get everything they need for their livelihood.
If we compare this with what we now need to maintain our average living standard required by the "civilized societies" and usually hovered around eight hours of paid work, to which we must add those invested in transportation, the comparison is odious.[...]
In regard to the art world, this phenomenon has been shown more recently in Spain than in other areas, but the gained virulence is not less disturbing, or at least I think it is something to reflect on.

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