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Hoy, veintiséis años más tarde.

Author: Cornago, Óscar

Year of Publication: 2010

Date of Web publication: 11/08/2016

Bibliographical references:

Cornago, Óscar. Hoy, veintiséis años más tarde. Telondefondo. Revista de Teoría y Crítica Teatral. Año VI, Nro. 12, diciembre 2010.


The author reflects on the essay written by Beatriz Catani (included in this dossier) that focuses on a journey that will never be repeated, the journey of life or of history, the journey Beatriz used to go on as a child when she visited these places with her parents. However, in spite of the distance, of the impossible, she still makes it. The text of Catani invites us to an impossible trip, that is at the same time an excercise of perception -that is, an aesthetic excercise- founded, as all artistic practice, on this impossibility.

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