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A Ghost Wanders About Mexico: Tlatelolco 1968-2008

Autor: Cuauhtémoc Medina

Artista: Teatro Ojo

Obra: ¿No!

Fecha de incorporación a la web: 16/11/2016


1. Writing over one’s own skin.

On October 28, 1968, José Revueltas, the most significant leftist writer of the Mexican twentieth century, and one of the most active intellectuals to take part in the 1968 student movement, was finally able sit down in a clandestine refuge and try to write about his experience with the repression of the movement. Revueltas had been hiding from the police in different locations of Mexico City just after the massacre of October 2—like the few members of the National Strike Council who had conducted the student movement but had not been arrested the very same day of the killings. The 19th Olympic Games were over, hundreds of students and academics were rotting after being tortured in jail, and the movement was agonizing. Revueltas was finally caught on November 16. A philosophical writer who has frequently been compared to Dostoyevsky and Sartre, Revueltas was uncannily lucid in his attempt to describe the collective feeling of frustration provoked by the government’s bloody repression: “Our sight has been forbidden. They prosecute our happiness. They are dead and they kill us. (…) That is why we will live.”1 Such image of a gothic repression, where violence was ultimately a consequence of the resentment against living, set the tone for a chronicle that was left unfinished, which he titled after the famous starting lines of the Communist Manifesto: “A Ghost Wanders about Mexico.” (...)

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